Would you like to be a more confident speaker?

Do you have an important message to get out into the world?

Would you like to be more visible and make a bigger impact in the world?

"Prior to working with Deborah, I was unsure how to position myself. Now, from the academy I have laser clarity on my niche and can book gigs. I love the energy of the mastermind. I recommend her program to any savvy professional that wants to be paid to speak."

Tish Johnson
The Fasting Queen

"In just a few sessions with Deborah, I booked a $10,000 speaking gig. I am so grateful and highly recommend her academy to experts that are ready to be paid to transform the world."

Dan Gordon
Transformational Leadership Speaker

"Deborah coached me in a VIP session on how to structure and deliver my first paid speaking gig. She worked with me on my speech to help me to feel super confident. I already booked a follow up paid gig. She is truly wonderful and you should hire her!!!"

Dani Beck
Mindset for Sales Speaker

"I am so grateful to have Deborah Deras as my Social Media marketing consultant. My husband and I both have attended her classes and have learned so much from her. We are inspired by her energy and passion for entrepreneurs and the support that she provides. We are taking our business to the next level by fallowing her marketing strategy and applying it. She is a rare gem. I highly recommend her to those seeking a Social Media Strategist or Business Coach."

Oksana Tsymbler

"She’s an awesome professional really engages her audience and is an absolute pleasure to work with"

Liliana Aide Monge

Twice a month, you will be invited to an exclusive community for a Learn and Earn Webinar to receive coaching on your speaking from Deborah Deras on techniques, resources, and strategies to speak with even more confidence.

Deborah believes that each one of us has a souls contract. We have unique, talents, skills, and abilities. We are here on the planet because we have a mission to fulfill to be messengers for an essential message. In the Ignite Your Speaking community, you will gain the confidence to shine your light and come out of the shadow to live in alignment with your life purpose.


Deborah believes in the Law of Attraction and has used it to build up her speaking business. You will learn how to attract opportunities to speak to grow your business, expand in your career, or to be an even more confident person in your everyday life.


Would you like more confidence speaking to grow your business?

Would you like more confidence to grow in your Career?

Would you just like confidence to improve your overall well being in your life?

Join this powerful community of supportive souls who believe in you and your ability to monetize your magnificence.


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Ignite Your Speaking

If you would like to increase your confidence in your speaking in your Career, Business and Life. Join the community, make invaluable connections and priceless resources.


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